Monday Moodboard

Farmhouse Style Dining Room

Farmhouse is still going strong with clients. Look on Pinterest and you may see many pins in your feed featuring some kind of room done in a farmhouse style. I think it is  popular style because of it’s relaxed, lived-in look. Nothing fussy and  precious  so it is a great style for families. If an items get a little more distressed and patina as it is lived with so much the better.

Monday Moodboard farmhouse 1

This moodboard was one I did for a client in British Columbia. She has an old farmhouse so the farmhouse look fit the house and the owner’s style very well.

Monday moodboard Farmhouse

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My Secret Shame as a Designer

#1 Biggest Decorating Mistake

Happy Friday everyone. I am going to bare my dirty little secret to you. I am quite embarrassed by this and am ashamed to even be telling you this. But here goes… My home is not even designed or decorated. How did this come to be? Aren’t designer supposed to be living in Architectural Digest, photogenic homes. You  would think. My home was decorated at one time, had pictures on the walls, rugs, and decorative accessories. What happened? Well, I divorced and I wanted a fresh start for my whole environment, so I got rid of furniture, decor, dishes, everything that I just didn’t love anymore. Sounds like a plan right? Actually, there was no plan and that is where the problem began. I thought I would see things I absolutely loved to decorate and furnish my home as I went along. What a very lovely and very stupid idea. So in order for you not to make the same mistakes I made, I am telling you this common and probably the biggest one decorating mistake to overcome. DECORATING WITHOUT A PLAN! Do not wing it and get rid of everything thinking you will find the perfect pieces as you go along.


Well, seven years later my home is still in disarray and a miss match of items. I just started getting stuff to fill the gap my purge left. I needed some place to sit and some lighting. I had no plan, no style ideas, nothing.   This doesn’t have to be a hard and fast plan to start, that will come as you delve in the decorating world. Start a Pinterest board for each room you plan to decorate or the old-fashioned manual version of Pinterest- a scrapbook.Save room ideas to a Pinterest board

What’s in a Plan

A good place to start is to get all the dimensions in a room. This includes window and door widths and height, and dimensions of any fireplaces or other architectural details in the room. On the floor plan mark where the outlets, switches, and vents are. This information is extremely helpful when buying furniture so that you can make sure it fits in the space.Plan out your room design with lists and a floor plan..jpg

Also, measure any existing furniture that is going to stay in the room. This helps when you want to buy lamps for a table, art going over a sofa, etc. You now have a drawn out and detail the floor plan, add this to your design file. What is a design file? This is a notebook or file that has all your decorating and design information for each room.

Design File

Along with your floor plan and furniture dimensions, you should also have any paint and fabric swatches for a room. You can quickly grab your file when you go shopping to compare items with the colors of the paint and fabric and check if the items will fit in your space. One other handy item that is a must to keep in your design file is a tape measure. This is an indispensable little tool.

Design file includes inpisration, dimensions, and swatches.

Here’s a handy guide that you can print out and use to get you started on your design plan.

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Must Have Fall Accessories

Midwest living in the fall involves layers. It’s chilly in the morning, warm in the afternoon, and cold at night.  Layering what you wear and also layering your sofa is a must during this time of year. So layering your sofa with warm, comfy throws to snuggle up in at night is a great way to add Autumn color and warmth to your room. Pottery Barn has some throws in great Autumn colors.

Pottery barn throwsI like to change out my throw pillows seasonally. Changing out accessories like pillows can really change the look of the room. My living room walls are a turquoise color, but I can still find Fall accessories that compliment the colors of my room. Pier 1 Imports, Pottery Barn, and Wayfair are great online sources for pillows and you can find pillows in a range of prices to fit any budget.

Fall pillowsI like candles, especially for Fall and Winter, they bring a warm glow to any room and if you get scented ones they add a nice seasonal aroma. My personal favorites are Yankee Candle. For Fall the, I like to burn the Pumpkin Pie or Autumn Leaves scented candles in my home. If you have small ones in the home wax melting are the way to go.

Yankee Candle Pumpkin pie jar candle

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Happy Fall Decorating!

Starry Skies: Night Sky Inspired Decor

The weather here in the Midwest is getting nicer by the day, the perfect time of year to do a bit of star-gazing. In our hectic lives, I doubt few of us actually step outside and look up at the night sky. I remember playing outdoors as a child and laying on the grass and looking up at the stars trying to find the constellations and visible planets. It was a highlight if I saw a shooting star.

Meteror pillow

I saw a throw pillow on Zinc Door and it brought back the memories of childhood and the peacefulness of the midnight blue sky sprinkled with the twinkling stars. The pillow was the inspiration for an astronomy inspired moodboard.

starry skies

The night sky is not all black and midnight blue, there are stars (as seen from earth) that are just about every color of the rainbow. Pictures of galaxies, nebula and other cosmic wonders have pinks and purples along with the black and dark blue of the cosmos. Even if adding a few galactic inspired accessories is not for you, take a moment to look up at the stars, take a deep breath, and relax.

Happy decorating!

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Christmas Tablescape

I took a walk on one the nicer days we had this week to collect some fresh evergreen branches and pine cones for a tablescape I wanted to put together for the holidays. I used some polyester snow blanket down the middle of the table, added a silver tray and laid the ornaments and greenery on the snow. Viola, a simple tablescape. Would be ideal for foyer table or mantle also. Just using the vase with greenery and ornaments would be perfect for any place. IMGP1211

Merry Christmas to all.

Happy decorating!

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My first blog post, yay! I’ve agonized over what to post, what if I sound like a complete idiot, what if, what if, what if…. I can play over every scenario in my mind a million times, but the post isn’t going to write itself. So… First off let me introduce myself. I am Angela, a budding interior decorator just dying to help you with your design and decorating dilemmas. I love color and want everyone to inject some into their own homes. Most of us don’t wear white, beige, or bland clothing so why do our homes look so blah and uninspiring. Because we want to choose something safe and easy to live with, right? It may be easy to live with, but it does nothing for your soul, or mood, or anything else. Your home is your haven, it should be something that you enjoy being in and showing off. It should be refreshing, uplifting, welcoming, and ultimately a reflection of you.

     I hope in reading my blog you will be inspired, and or driven, to make your home a reflection of you, not a blank slate that says nothing. Color doesn’t have to be scary. I will show you what color can do, along with other decorating tips, and techniques. So welcome, feel free to comment or ask about your design, decorating, or color dilemmas. I look forward to hearing from you and sharing with you.