Christmas Tree Decorating Ideas

Christmas is just around the corner. So here are a few ideas for tree decoration.

Holiday Decorating red Xmas

Red is a traditional color for Christmas, think red holly berries, cardinals, and ribbons. Add a few silver decorations to add a bit of eye-catching sparkle.

Holiday Decorating BandW

Black and white for Christmas? Why not. It’s snow-covered trees on star-filled Christmas night. Add a bold dash of red here and there and it’s perfect for modern, elegant Christmas decor.

Holiday Decorating cowboy

My little guy is into cowboys- what they wear, what they eat, everything. He would love a cowboy themed tree in his room.


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Monday Moodboard: Easter Mantel and Tablescape

Blue and White Easter Décor

I love bunnies they are just so cute and I’ve had pet dwarf bunnies for many years. Right now my personal Easter bunny is Dusty Bunny Tails, he looks like a dust bunny, fuzzy and hairy. Easter is fast approaching and it’s time to add some holiday décor around the house. Using bunnies and other Easter associated animals can come across as precious and too childlike when decorating for this holiday.

Easter blue and white decor

I like my living room and dining room to look more sophisticated and adult. To do this have the bunnies figures in a solid color with no painted details and in a metal or carved texture. Have a color palette that is less pastel, like the above moodboard with a color palette if blues and ivory. If your homes color palette is neutral adding a single color will make it pop and add a festive color for the holiday. Just add a few bunnies or other Easter themed décor, less is more in this case, to get that holiday feel.

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Monday Moodboard

Valentine’s Day Inspired Bedroom

A bedroom inspired by the clients subway art and color scheme of pink, red, and white. The client’s subway art has a list of romantic phrases and words (bottom left on the concept). So added art that had hearts and love as the subject, white bedding, and a few accents in red and pink. The white and silver keep it from feeling like you stepped into a Valentine’s day card.

Romantic modern bedroom concept When using themes in adult spaces, especially ones that can become too whimsical and precious, have just a few accessories with the theme’s subject. If the colors of the theme are bold, having a neutral palette with the bolder colors as accents will keep the room welcoming and inviting without overwhelming. The theme is clearly hearts and love, but tastefully done.

Love inspired bedroom

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Monday Moodboard: Happy Easter

Happy Monday! The weather is getting nicer by the day. It’s green, blooming, and feeling just like spring. Easter is coming up quickly so I put together a moodboard that has an Easter theme. It has bunnies (what is Easter without the long-eared cuties), some eggs, and a little pastel. Whimsical but a little edgier than the traditional Easter decor.

An Easter themed styleboard with bunnies, eggs, and greenery. Whimsical with an edge.

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Valentine’s Day Home Decor

That time is upon us again. Stores and homes are invaded by cupids and his accompaniments: hearts, arrows, no, and x’s and o’s.  We trade the red and green of Christmas for the pink and red of Valentine’s day. While not a major decorating holiday like Halloween or Christmas you can still bring a bit of the love in you home with a few tasteful accessories. Your home doesn’t have to look as if you are decorating the local grade school classroom. To class up the usually overly whimsical and almost childish decor used for Valentine’s day, think subtle, white roses with a red ribbon in a cut-glass vase next to a pale pink ceramic cupid. Just a few simple objects that evoke the holiday without going overboard.

Here are my decorations for Valentine’s day. The first is my living room. A couple of pictures along with the current decor and a lace ribbon draped over the mirror.

Valentine's Day decor with a couple of heart themed pictures.

The next is a view of the whole wall. A few roses and ribbon in the sconces and the look is finished.


The dining room side board with a large urn-shaped ceramic piece. I picked it up at Goodwill for about five dollars. It has little cherubs on it and I thought it would be a great piece that gave the display hieght and weight. Icing on the cake would have been a wreath layered over the mirror, but maybe next year.

Happy Valentines Day!

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A Christmas Vignette

A Holiday Vignette with Fresh Flowers

I’m a little late this year putting up my decorations. With a toddler in the house, my usual decorating spree is curtailed to things up high and/ or unbreakable. The tree is usually loaded, which is opposite of my everyday decorating philosophy  of less is more. Around the holidays that changes to the more the merrier. Oodles of lights, shiny balls, and tinsels. I’m surprised the tree doesn’t fall over.
I was recently introduced to flower delivery by BloomNation and was inspired to share my holiday vignette. So the start of my decorating was putting up a vignette, well out of reach of a two-year-old. I re-purposed an old trunk into media storage, for now, eventually, it will be a dry bar. It’s tall and I decorate it like you would a mantle.


Christmas Vignette

I used roses and hydrangea, not traditional, but I love the ice green and cream. The colors would match any color decor as they are naturally neutral. The presents are real and since the trunk is high little hands will not be opening the presents before Christmas.


The sconce has candles in it any other time of year. I thought using fresh flowers in the candle holder would be pretty and give a little life to the room. I had to line the holder with plastic so it wouldn’t drip water.
Stayed tuned for my decorated tree.

Happy Yuletide to all.

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Chinese New Year Inspired Decor- Year of the Sheep

Chinese New Year falls on February 19th this year and is the year of the sheep. In the Chinese zodiac, those born under the sign of the sheep are creative, intuitive, caring, and kind-hearted. Chinese New Year has many traditions, one being the giving of red envelopes or packets with money inside. Red is a lucky color in China so throw some red throw pillows on the couch or add some red flowers in a vase on a tabletop.

Chinese New Year 2015- Ram


Fu dogs are traditionally seen at the entrances to temples as guardians. Add protection to your domicile by setting Fu dog statues on a bookshelf or by posting large statues on either side of the entrance door. The male (the dog with one paw on a globe) stands on the right as you’re facing the door and the female (the dog with its paw on a pup) stands on the left.

Since it is the year of the sheep a beautiful Chinese brush painting of a ram on the wall or a ram throw pillow on the couch would be nice.You do not have to have the whole room Chinese themed a few select pieces would work just fine.

Happy decorating!

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