Monday Moodboard: Desert Oasis

A warm decorating style

Looking through my magazines, catalogs, and online retailers a desert vibe is definitely going on. Anything from a Moroccan to Southwestern  feel. The Moroccan/global type style has been popping up in things for quite a while, but the southwestern look was last seen in the nineties for those that do not live in the American Southwest.

Forget the native prints on absolutely everything in the room, the art featuring Native Americans, turquoise, and fringe. The look now has taken the sunset colors and patterns used sparingly to give this style a much needed update.

A single color palette can work for both style, Moroccan and Southwestern. Keep the furniture in a creamy neutral color and liven it up with bold dashes of dusty terracotta and turquoise. The following two styleboards I created uses the exact same furniture, lamps, rug, and color story.  Just changing out art and accessories can give the room a whole new look. No need to redo your whole room or color palette.

A neutral living room with the dusty colors of the southwest.

A few tribal print pillows and succulent art and plants give this living room a subtle southwestern style. You can add a bit more southwest style with cactus prints on the pillows and art and few live cacti on the tabletops or floor.

Desert oasis_Sahara

To add a Moroccan style to the room switch out the tribal print pillows, art, and table decor. Add some fret work lanterns, mosaic wall decor, a few pillows with fret work and camels, and a palm in place of the succulent arrangement.

Just a few touches of the any given style is all you need. Both rooms could add a few more touches without being in danger of going overboard, but remember when working with themed styles less is more. Too much of either style will make it feel like a staged set or store window not an actual living space.

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Monday Moodboard: Glam Style

Something bright and bold for a Monday in March. There are several version of the glam decorating style. The original glam decorating style know as Hollywood Regency was used during the “Golden Age” of Hollywood during the 20’s through the 40’s, about the same time as the Art Deco period. Mirrored furniture, bold patterns, smaller scale furniture, and luxe fabrics. Modern or contemporary glam style keeps these plus a mostly neutral palette with a bold accent, fur and velvet with lots of shiny metallic elements.

Neutral living room with gold and blue accents in a modern glam style.

Clean lines on the furniture and patterns and textures create a modern glam living room. Blue soft accents with a few strategically placed metallic gold accents lends a rich luxurious feel to the room. Bold geometric prints on the rug, pillows, and wallpaper add a bold dramatic impact to the space.

Gold, blue, and black Hollywood glam moodboard

Don’t be afraid to mix bold patterns on wallpaper, pillows, and other accents in the room. With a neutral backdrop and similar colors and scale, the bold patterns won’t overwhelm and clash in the room.

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Decorating Style: Coastal

Decorating Styles: Coastal

Coastal style is a casual yet elegant style that you can incorporate into your own home, even if you don’t live near an ocean or body of water. A few seaside inspired accents can add a taste of the coastal style to any room.

Elegant coastal style living rooom/dining room in blues and natural materials

Colors: Think sea and sky blue, even a darker blue like a stormy sky over the ocean. Aqua. Green colors that are reminiscent of the glow of sunlight in the water. Any natural, neutral colors such as taupe, beige, and sand. And of course, crisp white like big puffy clouds or billowing sails. Reddish colors that evoke colorful coral. Any colors you can see when you look at sand, sea, and sky.

Materials: Natural fibers like rattan, sisal, just, or seagrass. Slipcovered furniture in cotton and linen in soft natural colors. Weathered and distressed furniture pieces.

Style Elements: Slipcovered furniture. Beadboard. White washed woods. Decorations of driftwood, shells, coral, and other beach finds and treasures like sea glass.

Everything should be relaxed and casual, like a beach retreat in your home.

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