End Table Styling

Decorating End Tables, Simply

Decorating the flat surfaces in the home seems to be one of the common stumbling blocks when decorating. How do I decorate my – end table, coffee table, bookshelf-  is a frequent question from my clients. There is any number of pictures on Pinterest where you can find inspiration for decorating your end table. Here is a free guide to get you started.

Simple end table styling with just a lamp and a couple of decorative objects, like a vase with greenery and an owl figurine.

Less is More.

My philosophy when decorating tabletops, or pretty much anything, is less is more. I like things to look simple, elegant, and uncluttered. Most end tables are not large. You may have 24 square inches for the top more likely less, so having a lot of decorative pieces plus a lamp make for a cluttered look. And if you want to set a drink down, forget it. Stick to 3 to 5 objects, depending on the size of objects and table, including the lamp. You can use books to elevate and add more provenance to a smaller object.

End table inspiration

Vary heights.

The lamp will probably be the tallest object on your end table, which is as it should be. The other objects should create a visual stair step from tallest to shortest.  For example, the lamp tallest, a houseplant on a stack of books next tallest, and the smallest an elegant table clock.

End table decor


Remember, keep it simple, sweetheart. A lamp, a houseplant, and a decorative object are all you need to decorate an end table. Keep it to 3 to 5 things on the table, including the lamp and decorating will be less of a headache. It doesn’t have to have a lot of things on it to look finished and decorated.

Designingly Yours,

Don’t forget to get the free styling guide. It has a few simple end table decorating styles along with the links to items used. Easy, breezy decorating done for you.

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